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a girl and her polishes

"If her nails are her canvases, then nail polishes are her paints and brushes."





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written on Monday, 18 July 2016 @ 9:27:00 pm ✈

I have been looking at many nail polishes and have decided to collate them together! I have added a link to each of the product so if you are generous enough to buy me one or two bottles, I will greatly appreciate it! I AM JUST KIDDING! ahaha~ I am just collating them so that if I ever have the time and money to buy them, I will get them. But at the mean time, you may look through them too! We might have similar tastes!

How Deep Is Your Holo - FUN Lacquer

Cosmopolitan - FUN Lacquer

Bejeweled - Cirque

Madder - Cirque

Powwow - Cirque

Concord - Cirque

Still trying to figure out how to list them nicely!


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Half-year round up
written on Friday, 17 June 2016 @ 9:40:00 am ✈

Hello, my fellow robots!

It has been such a longggg time since I've last wrote a blog post. I am currently in the last year of my polytechnic life and things have been moving too quickly for me. I have a lot of things to handle and blogging is the last thing I think about. However, I will definitely go back to blogging once I am done with school (which will be somewhere around April next year) and will be trying out many new things! Can't wait to share it with you then.

For this blog post, I will just be sharing with you some of the favourite nail art designs that I have done for 2016 so far.

For January, I did a mani swap with Armstrongnails. I really love Amber's nails and it was really fun recreating this look.

Next, I did a Minnie Mouse inspired nail design. I used the lock and key nail vinyls from Whatsupnails! They have many other nail vinyls, nail art brushes, as well as nail polishes to choose from. It is a pity because they don't send polishes overseas.

I also had a nail collaboration with Agnesnailss. I decided to recreate her sugar gradient design and she actually told me that it's not a good idea to leave them on for long because you will end up getting super sticky hands! All the sugar would have melted the moment you wash your hands so don't! I repeat, DON'T leave them on. You can try creating this design for the fun of it but remove them after you have taken a few shots of them!

This was another collaboration and it was with Juliajor! I absolutely love painting on flowers because they are so easy to create and they make your nails look so dainty and sweet!

This was a mani swap with my Singaporean buddy, Glairdees. I actually met her in person some time ago and it was super fun! It is amazing how we can talk so much about nails and am actually looking forward to meeting her again!

This is one of my absolute favs! It is so summerish and just so ME! I used Copabikini and Island Love from Ella+Milla's Samba Collection. After visiting Australia in 2014, I fell in love with neons and have been purchasing a lot of neon colours! For this collection, it was actually given to me by Daryl who owns a nail app called the NailDeck. It is quite an interesting app so do check it out if you are planning to purchase some polishes.

Another twin nails with Blueisthis. JX is one of my poly friends and I am happy with how she is growing on Instagram. She actually didn't have a nail account before but because of her passion for nails, I thought it was good to open an account to share her designs with more people and at the same time, meet more people with similar passion!

By the way, the design was inspired by Badgirlnails!

You should know by now that I love doing collaborations so if you would like to collaborate with me, just look out for my monthly collaboration post and comment on it!

For this design, it was a collaboration with Getyournailsdone. I am starting to love matte designs but am trying to find for the BEST matte top coat. So far, I have tried the cheap ones from Etude House and Daiso, I also tried the high end ones such as O.P.I and Butter London. I realised that it is better to buy a more expensive matte top coat because they have a smoother finish and they last longer. I am still looking for other matte top coats to try! Will update you once I have found a cheaper option!

Here's another collaboration and this time, with forever_nails98! I love this design :D

Lastly, using the reverse stamping method to create this tribal design. Nicole Diary sent some stamping plates to me to try out and they turned out pretty well!

That's all for now~


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Review on Personail Nail Wraps
written on Saturday, 26 September 2015 @ 8:23:00 pm ✈

Good day to all!

About a month ago, Alice from Personail contacted me and asked if I would like to try out their nail strips. Personail is a new brand of nail wraps from Australia and they just launched their nail wraps a few days back. Nail wraps are for people who do not have the patience to do nail art or for those who can't wait for their nails to dry. So the brilliant invention of nail wraps has really save many women's time and effort because they not only get to have pretty nails but also, they don't have to sweat through the tedious process of achieving the look.

Currently, they have 3 types of collection: Perfectionist, Glam and Cute. It is a clever move because they get to cater to not only one type of customer but 3 types! For me, I think I'm leaning towards the cutesy type! haha. They are selling them at AUD 13 per set and you can receive free international shipping if you spend more than AUD50 but the shipping shouldn't not be an issue because they don't charge more than USD 3 for international shipping. I think it is pretty worth it, considering the fact that you save so much trouble.

Personail has kindly sent me 2 designs: the watermelon and the anchor. They are extremely thoughtful because I did mention to them that these 2 are just so cute. Totally didn't expect them to send me 2!

As seen in the first picture, the nail wrap comes in an absolutely cute packaging!
This is the back of the packaging. There's only 6 simple steps to achieving gorgeous nails. They wraps come in 8 different sizes (a set of 16) in so I am pretty sure that you will be able to fit into the nail wraps. It also comes with a mini nail file and a cuticle stick.

Here's a short video tutorial on how to apply the strips!

Step 1: Make sure that your nail beds are clean and the cuticles are pushed back

Step 2: Find the size that fits your nail best

Step 3: Peel off the plastic that is covering the nail wrap and then, carefully peel the wrap off the paper

Step 4: Place it over your nails and smooth it out. Next, gently pull the end of the strip downwards

Step 5: File off the excess strip and use a buffing block to smooth out the rough edges

Step 6: You could apply a fast drying top coat or just leave it be!

6 super simple steps and I could easily get both hands done in 10 minutes! Oh, and as you can see in the video, I actually cut some of them. The set comes with  different designs for each size, so if you want a design but the size too big for your nail, you could simply take the size that fits your nail as a template!

Step 1: Cut the template size off the strip and place it over the design that you wish to use.

Step 2: Carefully cut around it and there you have it! Just simply stick it on to your nails and boomz! You have super awesome looking nails!

Personally, I do not really like to use nail wraps because I don't like that feeling of having plastic on my nails but with the nail wraps from Personail, it is really different. I am amazed by how it feels like normal polish! The best part is that it doesn't smell bad. However, the only thing is that the strip shrinks a little after applying a layer of top coat over it. This doesn't really bother me because it is the design that matters more. BUT if you are a perfectionist, then I suggest you don't add a layer of top coat over it, but the set back would be that it will come out quicker.

So overall, my ratings would be:

Application: 9/10
Design: 9/10
Lifetime: (will be back with rating)
Packaging: 10/10

Is it recommended? YES

Will be back with how long it last soon!!


PS. You may use the discount code "NAILMACHINE10" to enjoy a 10% off your purchase from their store, www.personail.com. Also, do check out their Instagram and Facebook page for more updates.

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On fire
written on Monday, 17 August 2015 @ 4:19:00 pm ✈

Good evening to all,

I haven't been blogging for a long time and I am sorry. So many things have been going on and that includes preparing for something big! (well, for me at least) The semester 2 of my year 2 in Business Studies has come to an end and am in the midst of taking my examinations. It is funny how I always get my nail inspirations during the examination periods. Every time I am free, I don't feel like painting my nails or there will be a nail fail strike. And when I am busy with studies, I will just feel like painting my nails. This is so unhealthy because I should be focusing on my studies (which is hard). But freight not, I did make sure that I finish what I am supposed to do for the day before moving on to nails.

So for this post, I will just be going through some of the designs that I have done for the month and maybe a little HOW TO for some of them.

 This is a design using the water decals that was sent to me by bornprettystore for review. It was my first time using a full piece of water decal so I wasn't expecting much from it. To my surprise, it is extremely easy to use. And the amazing part is that it looks so intricate and natural (very different from using nail wraps). Water decals work like temporary tattoos. You cut the picture out and soak it in the water for a few seconds. Then, you take it out and gently slide it off the paper before transferring the design onto your nails. After positioning it the way you like, you can use polish remover to clean away excess decals. Once it is all cleaned, you can just seal it with a top coat! It is super simple! For the picture above, I used a matte top coat which I feel completes the look! What do you think?

So this design was actually inspired by Sylvia (Instagram) I was super enthusiastic about doing nails and the easiest way to get inspiration was through mani swaps or twin nails. This is why I decided to do one with Sylvia! (click here!) She is super duper sweet and talented too. So this was the design the I recreated and I love it so much! (6 photos on Instagram were on this design! LOL) I hardly do floral but this... woohoo~ Absolutely love it. I did a short tutorial on this design (click here!) Actually, I have been thinking of creating a YouTube account to post nail tutorials BUT I don't have a proper space, filming kit and time to do so... I need to find a camera stand for me to film videos and a good place with good lighting. But I will do so in the near future!

This was a twin nails that I did with Dianna! You can see both our creations here and do check her out on Instagram! This design was inspired by Nicole (@justagirlandhernails on Instagram) This is a super fun nail art design but the most important thing is finding the right colours to match. (blue and purple will never go wrong together!)

Next would be a collaboration with the famous Christabell (aka @christabellnails on Instagram) This design was inspired by a tea cup and it has a beautiful meaning behind it (head on over to christabell's account to find out about it!) It was really an honor to have collaborated with Christabell and honestly speaking, this design made me step out of my comfort zone. I wasn't really confident about doing it but I tried, nonetheless. And look how beautiful they turned out. I guess it is important to try something before saying you can't do it. But most importantly, don't give up even after failing the first time.

This design is what I call "Artist on fire" because this was what I created without getting any inspiration and I AM HAPPY WITH THE RESULT. Do check out the short tutorial on my Instagram page by clicking here!

I am happy that my passion for nails didn't die off (it was just sleeping) and to be able to create so many new designs over the past weeks made me really excited about what's to come. Creating new designs, pursuing my dreams and also, collaborating with many new people. It is really an eye opening experience for me. Ever since I got into nails in 2010, my interest and passion for nails just grew stronger. And to be able to meet new people with similar passion is something that money cannot buy. Thank you, the nail community for making me love nails even more.

Alright, time to go back to studying!


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Jamberry: Nail Wraps
written on Friday, 6 February 2015 @ 4:54:00 pm ✈

Hello everyone!

I've been wanting to blog about these nail wraps but never had the time to. These wraps were sent to me by Juliana from Jamberry. She was really sweet and told me to choose what design I wanted but they have soooo many different designs, it was hard for me to choose. Therefore, I just told her to send me anything and these beautiful accent strips were what she sent me.

I have used nail wraps before but I didn't fancy them because they weren't durable and it felt uncomfortable. Thus, I was a little sceptical about using Jamberry's. However, when I received them, I was blown away by how good the quality of the strips were.

Although they don't fit onto my nails perfectly, I like how they stick well. They are extremely durable and could last for the whole week. I have itchy hands and I love to peel my nail polishes off, so obviously they didn't last as long as I wanted. However, they did last for a week before I started peeling them off.

It doesn't smell bad and you don't have to worry about not cleaning your cuticles. These nail wraps make your nails look classy and intricate. Most importantly, it feels comfortable on my nails. I really hope you guys will give them a try and do let me know what you feel about them!



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Happy New Year!
written on Saturday, 3 January 2015 @ 6:03:00 pm ✈

Hey Robots!
2014 flew by so quickly and it's already 2015! 2014 may not have been the best year but it was definitely an unforgettable! I have learned so many things last year and I really hope 2015 will be as fruitful as the last.

To kick start the year, I did a super simple manicure design using Picture Polish's Hot Lips and one of Etude House's nail decals!

This really look super dainty to me and I love the matte finish!

Hot Lips is a cream polish in the hot pink colour which I think would be great for the summer! I got this colour when I was on my holiday in Australia. Was shopping around Surfer's Paradise in Gold Coast and I stumbled upon the store named Sunburn. It sells really pretty bikini wears and they were so pretty that I even got myself one! And as I was paying, I saw cute Picture Polishes sitting on the counter table. I literally freaked out. Ahaha! I couldn't resist and bought four colours! Sunset, Hot Lips, Tiffany and Swagger! Loving all these colours and I can't wait to play with the rest of them.

Anyways, I bought many polishes when I was there and found that I have a few duplicates so I decided to sell them! They are all brand new polishes and you can find out more about it on Carousell! My username is kkimberlynnt so do check them out if you are interested!

So to start the new year well, I wish everyone a blessed and fruitful new year! May it be filled with much love, joy and happiness!


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@twentysixnails: Nail Decals
written on Saturday, 15 November 2014 @ 1:36:00 pm ✈

Hello Robots!
Recently, Kay sent over some nail decals and nail stickers for reviews! I finally got the chance to play with them and for today, I will be reviewing on these cute water decals!
A little bit about the shop: Kay, aka @twentysixnails on instagram, owns an online store that sells nail products such as decals, stickers and charms. The stickers and decals are sold at SGD $3 each and the charms at SGD $2 each. You can find out more about it by clicking here!

I used the colours that are found on the unicorn as the theme for my design and this was what I came up with! A mixture of purple, pink and yellow, topped with a glitter polish that seems like the galaxy to me. I really like how this turned out!

After letting my nails dry completely, I proceeded with adding the decals on. The decals came off easily when soaked in water and they were easy to transfer onto my nails too. I guess the only setback would be that there are no variations in size for the images. The images are about 1cm to 1.3cm in height and slightly less than 1cm in width. It will be good if they have a slightly smaller wing so that it can fit perfectly onto my pinky but it's okay! I blame my pinky for being too small! Other than that, I really like how the colours on the decals still stand out although the base colours of my nails are dark.

How to use water decals:
After you have painted your base colours, make sure that it is completely dry before you transfer the decals onto your nails.
1. Soak the image in water for 15 seconds. The image should naturally come off the paper but you can also gently slide if off the paper. 
2. Next, you can use either a pincer or your fingers (I prefer using my fingers) to transfer the image over onto your nails. 
3. Position it properly and dry off any excess water with a tissue paper.
4. Finish your design with a top coat!

Overall, I think that Kay's nail decals are really fun and easy to use. If you are not the type that likes to do nail art, maybe try out these super cute decals instead! It will make your nails look so party-like and unique. So do check out Kay's blog and shop to find out more! Also, do stay tuned for more reviews!



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